When is it too hot to run?

When deciding if it is too hot to take your dog out for a run, there are a couple of rules to consider. The first being, anything above 16 degrees Celsius is too hot to run. This is a pretty straight forward rule to follow, especially if you only have the current temperature to work with. If however you know the humidity, you can use the second rule. If the temperature (in Fahrenheit) and humidity added together are greater than 150, then it’s too hot for your dog! For example:

According to the second rule, this would be OK to run. A good measure would be to incorporate both these rules, if the weather is approaching the limits of either of these then proceed with care. Remember that dogs are susceptible to overheating far easier than humans. Its extremely important to keep them cool and hydrated.

We have created an indicatator, on this page, to give a rough guide as to whether it is a good time to run or not. Green= OK, Amber = Run with caution, Red = Don't Run. Remeber this is just a guide based on weather data provided by WeatherUnderground.com, you should always check the forcast closer to where you plan to run.

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